Lloyd A. Schaefer

Professional Engineer: ASNT Level III, ASQ/CQE, DGZfP, PMI-PMP

e-mail: schaefer@pnde.net



1995-1997, 2002-Present: Honeywell Global Repair Development Principal Engineer

bulletLead engineer for an Integrated Product Team which developed & prototyped SAM, a structural anomaly mapping and characterization system for airframe structures and wiring
bulletProcess leader for Reverse Engineering Globalization Established design resource COE in India
bulletReview OEM and 3rd party manufacturing processes (ORIs) for quality topics on developed repairs
bulletMonitor global RDE activities to assure technical accuracy. Emphasis on NDE, rotating components and processes. Lean optimize design requirements.
bulletInvestigate new repair technologies for turbine cold section repairs; Adaptive machining and 3D adaptive laser welding for blisks and impellers.
bulletLead development of Technology STRAP for the Aftermarket using Vision Strategist.
bulletInvestigate NDE revealed anomalies in OEM and 3rd party repairs
bulletInvestigate and develop new NDE technologies, via IR&D and cooperative developments with Universities and Govt. R&D
bulletConduct NDE POD assessments for developed NDE. Support validation efforts with FAA, MIL
bulletPerform Root Cause and Corrective action processes for development activities, e.g. SAM
bulletMember of ISU-CNDE Industrial Advisory Board & Engine Titanium Consortium (POD and In-Service Inspection Development Team)


bulletTechnical Excellence recognition for Blisk Impeller repair technology development
bulletProgram award for SAM System development and integration Patent disclosure filed
bulletSix Sigma Plus DFSS & Green Belt Certification (Impeller/Blisk Weld Development)
bulletQuest for Excellence Award for Globalization of Reverse Engineering processes
bulletLabView Developers Training completed
bulletAdvanced Eddy Current Technologies Seminar completed
bulletProject Management Training completed - PMP
bulletAviation Week and Space Technology recognized the SAM development as innovation of the year
bulletDirectors award for excellence in development of Eddy Current technology for the 731 fan disk program

2000 2002: SIEMENS PG Berlin Germany Product/Process Engineer, Sourcing Europe

bulletLeader for turbine blades and vanes Process Improvement Team
bulletQualify new casting, coating, machining and performance test processes
bulletMonitor supplier quality, maintaining scorecards for quality and on time performance
bulletSupport special process substantiation and conduct First Articles
bulletSurvey new and existing suppliers for quality system conformance
bulletConduct corrective action investigations in response to adverse performance trends
bulletDeveloped quality requirements for new, Siemens-Westinghouse Advanced turbine design practice
bulletEvaluate NDE results and procedures for turbine blade & vane quality; Eddy Curent, Thermography, Radiography and Ultrasonic
bulletProvide native speaker (English) liaison services between various elements of Siemens-Westinghouse and the global supply chain


bulletReduced coating supplier deficiencies by > 30% while improving on-time performance to > 95%
bulletLeadership award for Quality/Specifications contributions to a new, joint Siemens/Westinghouse design philosophy for the next generation industrial gas turbine
bulletSix Sigma Greenbelt project: Blade & Vane cold flow test optimization
bulletAttained German fluency, and responsibility for Swiss supply chain (blade coating technologies)

2000: SAUDI ARAMCO, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia - AlHoty NDE Level III Specialist

bulletPerformed Level III functions for various in Kingdom oil and gas projects.
bulletReview project NDE results (radiographic film interpretation, FPI, Mag Particle) and monitor quality performance
bulletConduct project quality systems assessments at the Hawiyah Gas Plant development
bulletConduct audits of in and out of Kingdom supplier quality procedures and performance
bulletReview NDE specifications


bulletAttained Aramco certifications for NDE methods, and Radiation safety practices for using Isotopes
bulletWrote software to link digitized radiography systems across Kingdom networks
  • Received recognition for excellence in the performance of Quality Systems audits

1987-1995, 1997-2000: BOEING PRINCIPAL ENGINEER

BCAG Rocketdyne: Airframe Structures, Rocket Turbomachinery, and Electric Power Systems

bulletProgram Quality Manager for the 5 major Space Station Electric Power System NDE Subcontractors
bulletDeveloped, documented and implemented quality inspection processes, including NDE, for Space Station Electric Power System, Shuttle Main Engine and Expendable Launch Vehicle turbine engines
bulletQuality representative on Integrated Product Teams (IPT) for the design of new engines (X-33 Linear Aerospike, Adv. Launch System, National Launch System)
bulletInvestigated, developed and implemented novel NDE technologies; automated Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, Laser Shearography, Thermography and Computed Tomography, for Fracture Critical applications and flight hardware anomaly investigations
bulletAudited and assessed quality performance of manufacturing & NDE processes on production, test and flight hardware throughout the supply chain and at customer operational sites
bulletWrote and implemented procedures and techniques for developed NDE inspections
bulletPerformed first article inspections on castings, forgings, brazed assemblies and welded structures
bulletDeveloped and implemented inspections for composites used on the Space Station ORU structural enclosures
bulletFunctioned as liaison to structures and lifing disciplines on issues of fracture control from the Quality Organization


bulletEngineer of the Year recognition in 1994
bullet5 Invention disclosures filed with NASA (NASA TU)
bullet2 Leadership awards for excellence in management of cross functional Mfg & Eng teams to improve quality and develop essential NDE technologies for assurance of Space Station flight hardware
bulletIPT Team Award for On Time and Technical success for the X-33 Combustion Devices program
bulletNASA Silver Snoopy Award for assurance of Quality on the SSME program. Awarded to less than 1% of NASA program workers
bulletR&D 100 nomination for inspection system developments for Space Station Electric Power
bulletPromoted to Engineer Specialist
bulletPublished Weld & Microelectronics Quality Inspection section in ASNT Visual Testing Handbook, 8th Edition


bulletProvided materials and process engineering support for a variety of missile/aero guidance systems, Turbine Engine and Airframe monitoring systems including their; mechanical structures, heat exchanger systems, support electronics systems & components.
  • Division NDT level III for all NDE activities (UT, ET, RT, PT, device Rad gas leak detection).
  • Performed metallurgical & material first article evaluations for investment castings, PWBs, Semiconductor active and passive devices, Hybrids, Connectors, and PWB assemblies
  • Performed failure analyses from systems to component level using microprobe, SEM, metallography, NDE, curve tracer and various ATE technologies
  • Programs supported include; Peacekeeper IMU, NAS, Ring Laser Gyro, TEMS, FEMS


bulletReceived TAP (Target Accountability Program) performance recognition for work in development of dimensionally stable investment Aluminum casting alloy, and radiographic test methods for investment castings, microelectronics DPA and printed wiring board analysis
bulletTechniques for PWB and Microelectronics DPA recognized as "best in class" by DPA Labs Inc.
bulletVisual and metallographic practices for Electronics and soldering analyses adopted in ASNT Vol. 8 on Visual and Optical Testing

INSITU Computed Tomographic Failure Analysis of RVDT Thermistors

(L. Schaefer - NASA Tech Brief 1988)

Ultrasonic Inspection of turbine investment castings Using Flaw Classifier Logic (L. Schaefer, J. Willenberg - NASA Tech Brief 1989)

Laser Shearographic Inspection of Thrust Chamber Hot Gas Wall Bonding

(L. Schaefer - NASA Tech Brief 1990)

Eddy Current Flaw Discrimination In Pressure Vessels Using Pattern Recognition

(L. Schaefer, J. Willenberg - NASA Tech Brief 1992)

Computer Assisted Inspection for Welded Thin Wall Pressure Vessels

(L. Schaefer, G. Light, R. Tennis, J. Fisher - R&D Magazine - 1992)

AI for Bond Inspection - Signal to Noise Ratio Improvements

(L. Van Wyck, L. Schaefer, L. Rochester- Rockwell IR&D - 1992)

High Reliability Evaluation of Printed Wiring Boards by Radiography

(L. Schaefer - ASNT Conference proceedings - 1991)

Pre-Penetrant Surface Enhancement Techniques

(L. Schaefer - ASNT Conference proceedings - 1992)

Probabilistic NDE for Bonded Structures

(L. Schaefer - ASNT Conference proceedings. - 1992)

Developing Probabilistic NDE Solutions for the Space Station

(L. Schaefer, W. Nagel - ASQC Chapter presentation - 1993)

ASNT Visual Testing Handbook (Eighth Edition) Visual & metallographic techniques for joining processes & microelectronics (L. Schaefer, et. al. Published September, 1993).

Quantifying Shearography for Fracture Critical ORU composite enclosures

(L. Schaefer - SPIE conference proceedings - 1995)


NDE Automation in the Inspection of Thin Wall Pressure Vessels

(L. Schaefer, M. Mitchell - QNDE conference proceedings - 1995)

Novel NDE methods for assessment of bonding in brazed anisotropic honeycomb structures

(L. Schaefer & Dr. G. Light - SAMPE proceedings 1998)


Aging Aircraft Risk Based Inspection

(L. Schaefer, ASNT Seattle Section Presentation, 1999)

Process Targets and Metrics for NonDestructive Inspections

(L. Schaefer, ASQ Seattle Section Presentation, 2000)

Whole R Considerations for NDE in American Aerospace

(L. Schaefer, World Conference on NDT, Rome Italy, 2000)


Digital & Human FactorsTools for improving RT process reliability

(L. Schaefer, In-Kingdom NDE Technical Exchange Conference, 2000)

Creating POD Practically

L. Schaefer, R. Singh, European-American Reliability Workshop Tutorial, Berlin 2002

Structural Anomaly Mapping for Airframes: Data Acquisition/Detectability Testing

(Waled Hassan, Lloyd Schaefer, Tim Duffy, Johnathan Edwards, Dave MacEnany, Caroline Morel, Stu Rosenwasser, QNDE Green Bay, Wisconsin 2003)

Ground Based Vehicle Health Monitoring for Lifecycle Cost Reduction

(L. Schaefer, SAE Aging Aircraft Conference, Montreal 2003)


MS Technology Management, UOP Distance Learning In progress, - ECD 12/06

BSc Cum Laude Industrial Technology, University of Southern Illinois

AAS Metallurgy, Milwaukee Area Technical College.

ASNT Level III - Certificate Number MM-982 (UT,RT,PT,ET,MT)

ASQ-Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)

ASQ-Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) 2005

AWS-CWI Examination April 2005

Boeing Structural Engineer Training, 1998

DFSS Six Sigma Greenbelt certified, 2003

PMI-Project Management Professional (PMP) - 2005


American Society for Metals (AMS)

American Welding Society (AWS)

American Society for Quality (ASQ)

American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT)

DGZfP German Society for Non-Destructive Testing

Project Management Institute (PMI)


Computed Tomography, Theory and Operation ASNT 1985

ISO9000 Auditing AlliedSignal 1996

Quality Function Deployment & Taguci methods Rockwell 1990

Digital Signal Processing - Iowa State University 1995

Boeing D1-9000 ISO Supplier Auditing Training 1998

Design To Cost Boeing 1998

ANSI Dimensioning and Tolerancing Boeing 1994

Aircraft Structural Engineers certification Boeing 1999

Labview Developers Training 2003

Eddy Current advanced technology seminar 2003

Six Sigma Greenbelt training 2001 (Siemens-Westinghouse)

Design for Six Sigma, Six Sigma Plus 2002

FAA STC/PMA Validation Methods training 2004 (Honeywell)

Managing Projects 2004 RSI/George Washington University

Project Leadership, Management and Communications 2004 RSI/George Washington University

MPC Maturity Path Planning 2004 (Honeywell)

RCCA Process Training 2004 (Honeywell)